Monday, May 5, 2008

Luminescent Palo Verde

I posted a few photos similar to these the other day. These are completely different though, in the way that the light is hitting the flowers. The blue of the sky is brighter. The last few days just before sunset this palo verde tree has been captivating me. I just want to walk around and around it admiring the way the petals light up in the sun. Less wind let me get a better focus on them this time. I think less wind lets me get a better focus most of the time, whether or not there is a camera involved. Hopefully you can get some small sense of the beauty of this tree.

One more. This is the sage plant in our yard. When we moved in we were sure it was something like a dead, tumble-weed sort of thing. Now it has grown to five times its original size, and is covered with these incredible triple decker flowers.

Chris and I just walked down to Oasis for Raspados. They taste like the most amazing, fruity, creamy snow cone you ever laid your taste buds on.

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Chris said...

mmmmmm...Raspados.....mi favrito! Nice pictures too!