Monday, May 12, 2008

How many times a year do cacti bloom?

I've been busy the last few days with my mom here visiting. It was a short visit, but nice to finally not feel like I should have been doing homework instead of spending time with her.

We grilled some stuff on Saturday night and ate outside. Sitting outside in the evening is one of the great things about Tucson.

We also went for a hike (well, really a short walk before we got too hot) in Greasewood park. The blooming cacti add a whole new element of beauty to the desert at this time of year. I've been in denial that it's really time for them to bloom again. Do they bloom more than once a year? Or has this year really gone by that fast...

At the moment (loosely speaking) I'm doing my end of the semester purge of all the stacks of papers that have been collecting dust (wait, did I say that? I meant the papers that I've been reading...) all semester. I feel guilty about the waste of paper but it's so satisfying.

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Amy said...

I've been filling the recycling bin too. Damn it feels good.