Sunday, May 4, 2008

Fun on the weekend

Our Garden is starting to grow nicely. The sunflowers are amazing, they grow several inches a day it seems like.

I spent this morning playing with June. We did some coloring, looking for kitties, and just jumping around with some pillows while Adam and Chris went on a bike ride. Amy is in the middle of studying for what sound like grueling final exams, and we missed her :(

I'm finished writing my paper, I think, and now I'm stalling before I have to move on to the final papers and thing for the other class. The next thing I have to write is about clinical trials for medical procedures and drugs that are being carried out in Russia instead of here because patients are easier to recruit, and doctors make more to monitor research subjects than they do treating patients. Interesting...

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Chris said...

I love the reflections coming off the metal in your sunflowers picture!