Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Ants ants ants ants ants ants

There have been ants in our house lately. We get rid of them in one spot and they come in somewhere else. I can't figure out why. They don't even seem to be after anything. they just like it in the house.

I guess this season of flowering plants comes with other living things.

I've been engrossed in wedding things lately. I found a wholesale flower website that has a "wedding in a box" of loose flowers that I'm thinking might be a really great option. The one I like is #10, Calla lillies and dendrobium orchids.

I'm a little bit torn though, between this one, and the one that has white roses and orchids.

Roses? you ask, but they're so ordinary. Well, Rose is my middle name and I can't help but love them. So, maybe both? The only problem is refrigeration. Flowers. Tucson. Summer. Could they all be in the same sentence? I think I might be able to figure something out though. I would love opinions on this. But please don't say "more colors." I'm sure there will be more colors, but I love love love purple. Always have.


Amy said...

I vote for the calla lilies, but just based on the picture you provided. I actually like roses more, usually. They smell so good too. That should count for something.

Man do I hate ants. I'm sorry to hear they are entering your house.

natasha said...

I think it would be awesome to do both. A bouquet of white roses and callas with a few orchids mixed in would be stunning. If you don't do both, go for the roses - remember how my calla lily bouquet had started to brown by the end of the evening? I think roses have a little more stamina. Also, for the fridge situation we can probably use the almost always empty fridge at my mom's tucson house for flower storage.

natasha said...

For the ants - try Five Star Pest Control if the problem gets too out of hand. They're good and non-toxic/pet friendly and not too spendy. Or, my favorite at-home remedy for ants also helps to relieve any angst you may have against them - take strips of tape and lay it down on the line of ants. Then when you lift it up you can still see all their legs moving but they're totally trapped in the tape. OK, that's really cruel I know but if you have ant problems like we do it's nice to be able to get a little revenge. ;)