Friday, April 11, 2008

Thinking about photos

Can anthropology be useful for taking photos? This is what I've been asking myself. Am I on the wrong career path? If I lived somewhere besides Tucson, would things make more sense?
I just got a new lens for my camera, very exciting. I'm looking forward to taking pictures with it (other than of the cacti in my yard) as soon as I have a moment that coincides with nice lighting somewhere. I spent some time the other day trying to get a good self-portrait, inspired by one I saw on flickr.
The most recent photos of interest that I did were at a good friend's bridal shower (I know what you're thinking, some ladies sitting around eating tea cakes, but it wasn't that kind of shower.

That's right, belly dancers, henna tattoes, an Indian style feast, and even a dark chocolate tasting with a local chocolatier. You gotta love Bisbee.
Another one I liked from downtown Bisbee is a man sitting in a restaurant with the reflection of another man in the window. We heard a rumor that Jonny Depp bought a hat in the store we were sitting in front of just the day before. That's not him in the photo though.

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