Sunday, April 27, 2008

Swimming with June

Now I'm really going to emulate Amy's blog and write about her amazing little daughter June. We all went to the pool yesterday, and I took tons of photos (I mean in the hundreds). June absolutely loves the water even though it was pretty cold. She spent a lot of time strategizing how to get past the human blockades and jump right back in. Luckily she wasn't successful.

The pool was just a little one next to a hotel, but the colors there were awesome. It was almost sunset, which also gives a lot to these photos. The ones in the water are really great, especially because you can just see how much fun they're having.

On the way out she started to get a little chilly, but it didn't seem to stop her from enjoying the pool at all.

We had a great time running around the edge of the pool afterwards. June has great hair.

I'm headed to epic for more studying today, so I had to do this now. I'm going to try to force myself to stay off the internet as much as I possibly can so I can write a paper about nation-building in post-revolutionary Mexico. I bet you're just itching to read it right?


Amy said...

These pictures are so beautiful. You already know I might have to have a couple of these! The water ones are my favorite, but I like them all.

Thanks for sharing and for posting so quickly!

PS Um, the paper, uh... how long is it? :-{)

natasha said...

Oh my god! Great pics and June is the most beautiful baby ever! And, incidentally, I am itching to read your paper about nation building in post-revolutionary Mexico. Really. Or at least the bibliography. ;)