Friday, April 25, 2008

Ressurrection of old journals

So, a large part of the purpose of this blog is to serve as an exercise to get me back to my creative self. As part of this process decided to dig up some of my old journals, which are full of collages, drawings, paintings, and other tidbits I thought I'd like to remember. Since most of these have been seen only by a few people, I'm going to share some of them here. It's kind of inspiring to see just how many things I used to put into my journals. At the time that I did many of these I was drawing inspiration from the incredible journals of people I was working with like Dave Edwards, Geoff Gourley and Kate Thompson. Lately I've been so completely submerged in the world of graduate school, that inspiration for these sorts of things has fallen by the wayside. So, as part of my blog project I'm going to post them as a way to open myself up as an artist and an all around creative person. Hopefully it's another steptoward getting comfortable trying to do something I really love to do.

Just for fun, I came across this christmas card that we made while I was working at the photo studio. We are sitting in a homemade hot tub filled with cranberries. That's me in the middle. This was probably around 2000/2001.

These are a couple of collages. I used to do a lot of these, just cutouts from magazines mostly, and then I'd add a poem or two.

This photo, one of my favorites from Mexico in about 1998, was pasted into one of my journals.

The next several are from various trips, either camping or in other countries. They're mostly watercolor, but some are just pen drawings.

North rim of Grand Canyon, summer of 2001

Torres Del Paine, Patagonia, Chile, 2001

Guatemala, summer of 2003

Here is a photo of a photo I took in Mongolia, at the Gan Dan monastery (or however you spell it). There's something I like about these new photos of old photos.

This is me, taken by my friend Illah in Holland in 1996.

It's good to look through these and see what I was looking at, or how I was looking at things, and to think about how I look differently at some of them now.

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Amy said...


Well, I am super glad to have found this treasure and can't wait to read it all, but I have to comment on today's.

I can't believe how cool some of those drawings are. And I love the 1996 picture of you in Holland, and the Mexico and Mongolia photos. Gorgeous.

Ganas de ver mas.