Wednesday, April 23, 2008

RAW images, shrubs and salad

As I write this, I'm drinking a similar cup of coffee. It seems to be one of my favorite things to do lately, especially if I'm trying to get my homework done (which I'm obviously not doing right now).

I switched to using the RAW setting the other day. I'm still working on converting them to other formats so I can easily post them here, but hopefully it works okay.

The other day we decided that our yard has enough Cactus. Enough spines. So we decided to fill it in and make it seem a little less prickly with a few desert shrubs. Chris planted them while I watched and took lots of photos. They're my first tries with the new photo setting. I really see a huge difference but I don't know whether it will be noticeable here or not since I had to convert them to JPEGs. I'll get better.

Here's another fun one from the backyard.

After planting the shrubs we moved the chairs around on the porch and made a nice new little place to sit. I made a 'half and half' salad for dinner, one of our favorites lately. Mmm.

Only two more weeks until the end of the semester and I am REALLY looking forward to a break from doing homework. Now I'd better get back to it though..

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Amy said...

Now that I read your blog, can I comment every day? I can't help having a million things to blurt out.

The flowers look beautiful.