Sunday, April 13, 2008

On gardening

When I interview people, they often say they've taken up gardening for stress relief. I know everyone has their own ways of feeling relaxed, or of blowing off steam, but gardening I my world can be a little on the stressful side. There seems to be an aspect of caring for a plant that has evaded me despite countless efforts to improve. This year we're looking forward to a summer trip to the bay islands in Honduras. In addition to the fact that our sprouts have been less than triumphant in their attempts to grow into seedlings, there is the added question of whether it is really worth the amount of water it will take for them to make it, however sunburned and brittle, through the scorching summer months of June and July in Tucson.

I love the taste of fresh tomatoes. And the memory of more fresh Basil pesto than we knew what to do with last summer are enticing reasons to continue the fight against the Tucson heat (nevermind the water shortage) and grow some of the summer veggies that make it all worth it. I took that photo a couple of days ago. Today the sprouts are looking even more brown and a little less like they're headed for the garden outside. It looks like the desire for fresh tomatoes and Basil this summer might be pushing us to the nursery to purchase those lovely little plants that have made it past sprouthood (by some unknown gardening method). If we do plant them in the yard, I'll probably be posting photos of them in the future, especially considering my love for taking pictures in the yard.

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Amy said...

I can't keep ferns alive. I'm good with many plants, but ferns... I don't know what they want.

I just got up and watered mine as a result of reading this post. Adam brought it home to make me smile, but all I could think was how soon would it be 'til it ended up dying. Sigh.