Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Old artwork

The other day I went through my old artwork portfolio, mostly stuff from high school. I thought I'd record some of them as photos, and since I did, I might as well share them here. They haven't been seen by anyone but me in several years.

This is a watercolor painting of Nelson Mandela that I did for a friend who requested it.

I always enjoyed doing still life. It's weird I know, but here is one that I am kind of proud of, done in pencil.

This one is oil paint. I never finished it and I probably never will. I have no idea why I put the word 'cinnamon' in it.

This is a photo of a friend, taken about 6 years ago in Mazatlan. The snake is real. this is a photo of the printed version. I have no idea where the negs are, and didn't want this one to be lost if the photo fades.

One more, this is from Europe, ten years ago. I took it in Venice of my friend, and w printed it (along with hundreds of others) in her friend's darkroom in Holland.

For some reason it makes me feel better to put them here, like at least they aren't just sitting in the porfolio collecting dust. Now they're collected e-dust in a blog that no one reads.
There's something so satisfying about writing to no one. Journaling is a good activity for emotional/mental stability, something I've only recently rediscovered. I have boxes of old journals and this weird idea that I should only have a journal going if I'm doing something unusual or that I want to remember, such as a trip. This is ridiculous.
Last year I pulled out a journal I had written in about 5 years before. I read through it a little and enjoyed thinking about where I was when I had written it. I was awestruck to find that I had written, "I wonder what I'll be doing five years from now..." and went on to describe what I thought my life might be like. It was wild to have pulled that out 5 years later. I would like to photograph, or maybe scan some of the paitings and rantings in those old journals. Maybe I'll post some of those eventually too.


glo said...

These photos are great. I like your reflective writing too, and I loved the photos taken in your yard. Thanks for sharing this.

glo said...

These photos are awesome - I like your reflective writing a lot too. Thanks