Sunday, April 20, 2008

Being on the right track

Today is windy, but it's obvious that summer is coming. At home depot the other day we were noticing that unlike most of the country, we don't have to worry much about getting ready for winter. We did see a lot of people this time of year though, buying their double paned windows, shade cloths, and other items to help their plants and houses make it through the summer. This is supposed to be a hot one...
Here are some more photos I took in the backyard.

The last one is of my cat.

I met someone yesterday who makes something of a living as a photographer. She told me the first thing to do is start a blog. It made me feel like maybe I'm getting close to being on the right track. So, even though Most of what I've been uploading has been around the yard, at least I'm uploading something.

These are some of the plants we bought to put in the front yard. Enough spiny cacti we decided. So, some of these shrubby desert plants are what we're going to start filling it in with. We also got an artichoke and some tomatoes. Mmmm. We'll see if they can make it through the heat this summer...

So, that's all for the moment, but things are going to get more interesting soon because I'm going to start exploring the world of RAW images (and maybe even go outside the yard...)

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