Monday, December 24, 2007

Amarillo Christmas

Sitting by the fire in Amarillo, looking at a Christmas tree. Even though so many times I've been away from home for Christmas, traveling or on other adventures, this year I find myself struggling to let go of preconceptions about what Christmas should look and feel like. There are lots of beautiful trees decorated with lights, and houses that are absolutely covered, like wonderlands of lighted trees and bushes (although everybody says the neighborhoods here aren't as decorated as in years past). It's hard to get away from the television. Watching things like the Wizard of Oz with the family seems like fun, but the commercials (that everybody but me has already seen) and the in between, channel surfing because there's nothing good on, makes it a little hard to get into the "Christmas spirit," even my loose definition of it.

This trip is also the first roadtrip in our new car. What a feeling of freedom to know that there is a very slim chance of breaking down (although we did almost run out of gas outside Tucumcari)! The scenery, and the sunset were incredible.

We're driving almost all the way across Texas. This is the first time that I've been further into the state than Amarillo, and it has always felt like one of those unknown edges, and for some reason It's hard to get rid of the images of easy rider that keep popping into my head. Hopefully this place is a lot more normal than I'm imagining. I guess we'll see...

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